About Commonchap

This site is for the “average Joe” wishing to become the “above-average Joe”. It is intended for those who are interested in becoming more than they are with the intent of providing higher value to those currently around them and to future generations. It’s for those who are playing the long game. If this sounds like you, welcome to a group of individuals that values the marriage between learning and action. We simply want to be more than we are. We will learn from a wide range of subjects so that we can:

1. Have a balanced life

2. Be more effective leaders for our family

3. Be better members of our community

4. Foster the next generation to do the same.

We’ll learn our lessons from history, literature, and personal experience. We will look at what others have said about their experiences and how they overcame obstacles. We will voluntarily take on more, not to have more, but so that we can DO more and BE more.


About the Founder:

Anthony (TJ) Michelic is President at The PACE Group (a national executive search firm founded in 1993) and CEO at Brick+Mortar Co. (a national market research/community growth agency established in 2016), both based in Dallas, TX. He grew up in the desert of southeast New Mexico (oil country) and has been in the business of leading people for 13+ years in areas ranging from churches and nonprofits to executive search and community marketing. TJ spends his days working with a dynamic team to actively grow individuals, businesses, organizations, and communities across the United States.His evenings are reserved for time with his wife and three sons. He loves to connect people who can help each other and is passionate about communicating the importance of becoming more educated and effective across subjects to be more useful for family and community.