First day, I suppose it would only be proper to let you know a little about me. I am a married man with one child (a son); in what is beginning to seem like an eternity ago I earned a Bachelor’s degree in a field completely unrelated to where my career has led me, but I am somehow finding that it has really worked out well up to this point. My family and I were looking for a little change of scenery and a new experience, so we relocated from the southwest last year and I now hold a day job as an Operations Director at a community marketing firm in the southern United States. My career background includes work with churches/nonprofits, outside sales, and personnel management (all with a focus on team and volunteer leadership). My wife stays home with our son and spends a large amount of her time finding ways for us to budget more efficiently and caring for our boy while I’m at work. We are also building a rental property business and working on launching our own nonprofit. Overall we stay pretty busy, but we make time to dream.