First Day

First day, I suppose it would only be proper to let you know a little about me. I am a married man with one child (a son); in what is beginning to seem like an eternity ago I earned a Bachelor’s degree in a field completely unrelated to where my career has led me, but I am somehow finding that it has really worked out well up to this point. My family and I were looking for a little change of scenery and a new experience, so we relocated from the southwest last year and I now hold a day job as an Operations Director at a community marketing firm in the southern United States. My career background includes work with churches/nonprofits, outside sales, and personnel management (all with a focus on team and volunteer leadership). My wife stays home with our son and spends a large amount of her time finding ways for us to budget more efficiently and caring for our boy while I’m at work. We are also building a rental property business and working on launching our own nonprofit. Overall we stay pretty busy, but we make time to dream.

My dream is to be excellent in everything that I do. I want to be a great husband and dad, awesome friend, and (as I put it to a mentor/friend of mine when we first met) an entrepreneur-philanthropist extraordinaire. This doesn’t mean I’ll quit my current job, I really enjoy what I do, but I don’t ever want to NEED a job. I want freedom from others and to leave a positive legacy for my family. Along with the dreams for myself, I also plan on pushing others to reach their life goals and to attain their definition of success.

If these dreams sound similar to yours, this site is for you. It has been founded with the purpose of sharing ideas and wisdom about living life and working through different ways to build success in the highly competitive environment we live and work in today. We all have different ideas of what success is, the goal of is to help you set clear goals and achieve them so that you can live your best life as soon as possible. I will be posting ideas of what success means to me and what I have found and continue to find in order to build my success and the success of those around me. We will also see some ideas from others; some who have achieved their dreams and others who are still trying to get there. Sometimes there may be a post that is strictly thought-provoking or inspirational, we hope that these will tickle your brain cells and stir you to action. At the end of the day, our purpose is to give you tools and a drive to achieve the goals that you have set, inspire those you lead, and enjoy the freedom that comes with your wins. I’m happy you are here and taking a step in the right direction.